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5 Steps to get first 1000 visitors on your website for free.

5 Steps to get 1000 visitors on your website for free.

Our main topic for today is how to get 1000 visitors for free.
Nowadays there are many blogs being created daily but most of them struggle to get visitors at all.
For some people it’s impossible to get 1000 visitors at all.
You know why?
They post irrelevant or boring articles and most of times can’t even write proper content.
Here are 5 proven ways to get 1000 visitors fast for free.

1. Facebook Groups.

Well nowadays many people use social networks right?
Facebook isn’t a exception.
Every day tens or even hundreds of groups are being created with specific topics.
So just find 3 most popular groups related to your topic and advertise your articles there at least twice a week.
But only do this if they are allowing advertising!

2. Twitter hash tags.

Well this one doesn’t need much explanation.
If you don’t use Twitter just create one.
Find most popular hash tags related to your topic and just tweet about your article and add these hash tags and I would suggest only 3 hash tags if you use more it might count as a spam and less people will see it.

3. Basic SEO

You don’t have to be smart or pay money to do this..
Just use free tools to analyze your website keywords, description, compress images and speed up your website and then with every blog post just keep it optimized and every time you will have a little more visitors and your page might even reach first Google page overtime.

4. Reddit link posting.

This one in some way is same thing like posting on social networks.
Just find reddits related to your blog niche and post your advertisements there and you may get more visitors overtime depending on your content.
My recommendation is to repost once a week on all reddits that allow advertising otherwise you might get banned or just people will no longer by interested in your website.

5. Daily Blog posting.

This one is definitely a game changer if you ask me.
Post interesting blog posts that would give some value to your visitors and optimize every blog post and within a week you may see big results if you use correct titles like for example how to get 1000 visitors in a month or something like that.
There are even more ways to do this so I will just mention them without any description.
1. Advertising on YouTube channel.
2. Pay for CPC on Google ads.
3. Pay for Facebook ads.
4. Guest blog posting.
5. Posting on forums related to your niche.
6. Flyers with advertisement.
7. Video ads on YouTube.
8. Promoting mouth to mouth.
9. Billboard advertisement.
10. Outsourcing with seo and ad agencies.
So these are other ways you could also advertise your website some of them require money and others don’t you can also try them and get great results.
And now you know how to get 1000 visitors for free so use this knowledge wisely!

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