5 ways to get 100 Instagram followers in one day

5 ways to get 100 Instagram followers in one day

Do you ever wanted to get tons of followers on Instagram and become a influencer?

Well I’ll show you 5 ways to do this right now!

1. Use hashtags

This way will help you drastically increase followers, likes and reach but remember only use hashtags related to your niche and don’t overuse them.

20 hashtags in one post will definitely not help.

2. Follow and Follow back

Find some popular influencer related to your niche and start following his followers.

You can follow up to 200-350 people per day and 1 of 3 will definitely follow you back but remember they can even randomly unfollow you so it’s not that effective in a long run.

3. Facebook groups for Instagramers

Well this is one of best ways to get more reach.
Tens or hundreds of thousands people gather in these groups and share their Instagram to get followers daily.

You can start doing it to but don’t spam like a lot and post interesting content and remember to follow anyone back otherwise it will not work like it supposed to.

4. Repost popular people content

This helps you increase your reach and drastically increase follower count.

But remember to credit the post owner and this help you both in the long run.

You can even add in hashtags to make this step even more effective.

5.  Participate in trends

Post pictures or videos related with trends and maybe even do selfies.

It will not only boost your reach but may even get you more followers but only if your content is interesting for these people.

Well these are 5 ways to get 100 Instagram followers so stay tuned for more posts like this!

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7 ways to increase your Facebook page likes and followers

7 ways to increase your Facebook page likes and followers

You just opened business page or a e-commerce store page or brand page and want to promote it?
Then these 7 steps will definitely help you!

1. Invite people to like it

Invite your friends or family to like your page this may help at first but most of them will not transform in to your organic page fan.
And if you overdo this Facebook might just block you.

2. Run Facebook ads.

Before starting a campaign remember to optimize it otherwise it will be like throwing money to air.
Select correct auditory that is relevant to your business.
Choose specific location and interests as well.
For example I choose United Kingdom and I want to advertise to males with interest for football.
Because only people with interests related to your page niche are ones that will most likely like your page and later convert into fans.

3. Share your page to Facebook groups

Find Facebook groups related to your page niche and start sharing at least once or twice of week.
Or just find groups that allow to advertise your pages like for example advertise your page.
But remember don’t overdo this because pages might just ban you from posting or people will not even spend their time checking your page out.

4.Run Contests

This step not only will help your page get likes but even increase your page activity like comments, shares and even more.
For example give away something to your fans like gift cards, merchandise or something else.
And simply make contest participation rules.
1. Like your page.
2. Comment down below.
3. Share this post.
4. Tag your friend
And this will drastically help you increase like amount and total page activity but remember don’t scam and really give something away otherwise it will ruin your page credibility.

5. Add Facebook page to your website

This will allow your visitors to like your page.
This will only work if you have huge amount of organic visitors.
Otherwise promoting Facebook page to 1-10 Facebook visitors per day is same thing like promoting to no one.

6. Word of mouth

Well this is one of offline advertising types.
Learn how to correctly use this advertisement type and this will get you many likes.
But only if you promote to people related to your page niche.

7. Page optimization and daily/weekly grinding

This is most important step.
Add page banner if you don’t have it yet.
Post weekly or daily and interact with your community.
This will show your fans that your page is actually active and sometimes they will share your page with their friends or simply share your posts.
But remember use images or videos as your post pages because they get most interaction and you can promote them with fb ads and get even more interaction.
Some of these ways are free and some of them are paid so be sure to use them correctly.

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5 Steps to get first 1000 visitors on your website for free.

5 Steps to get 1000 visitors on your website for free.

Our main topic for today is how to get 1000 visitors for free.
Nowadays there are many blogs being created daily but most of them struggle to get visitors at all.
For some people it’s impossible to get 1000 visitors at all.
You know why?
They post irrelevant or boring articles and most of times can’t even write proper content.
Here are 5 proven ways to get 1000 visitors fast for free.

1. Facebook Groups.

Well nowadays many people use social networks right?
Facebook isn’t a exception.
Every day tens or even hundreds of groups are being created with specific topics.
So just find 3 most popular groups related to your topic and advertise your articles there at least twice a week.
But only do this if they are allowing advertising!

2. Twitter hash tags.

Well this one doesn’t need much explanation.
If you don’t use Twitter just create one.
Find most popular hash tags related to your topic and just tweet about your article and add these hash tags and I would suggest only 3 hash tags if you use more it might count as a spam and less people will see it.

3. Basic SEO

You don’t have to be smart or pay money to do this..
Just use free tools to analyze your website keywords, description, compress images and speed up your website and then with every blog post just keep it optimized and every time you will have a little more visitors and your page might even reach first Google page overtime.

4. Reddit link posting.

This one in some way is same thing like posting on social networks.
Just find reddits related to your blog niche and post your advertisements there and you may get more visitors overtime depending on your content.
My recommendation is to repost once a week on all reddits that allow advertising otherwise you might get banned or just people will no longer by interested in your website.

5. Daily Blog posting.

This one is definitely a game changer if you ask me.
Post interesting blog posts that would give some value to your visitors and optimize every blog post and within a week you may see big results if you use correct titles like for example how to get 1000 visitors in a month or something like that.
There are even more ways to do this so I will just mention them without any description.
1. Advertising on YouTube channel.
2. Pay for CPC on Google ads.
3. Pay for Facebook ads.
4. Guest blog posting.
5. Posting on forums related to your niche.
6. Flyers with advertisement.
7. Video ads on YouTube.
8. Promoting mouth to mouth.
9. Billboard advertisement.
10. Outsourcing with seo and ad agencies.
So these are other ways you could also advertise your website some of them require money and others don’t you can also try them and get great results.
And now you know how to get 1000 visitors for free so use this knowledge wisely!

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5 reasons why Flyer Distribution is still effective

5 reasons why Flyer Distribution is still effective

Flyer distribution is one of the oldest methods of marketing types used a lot by companies and have been used it since long time.
Even in this digital age, flyer distribution works effectively.
Social media marketing and emails may have become biggest and most important part of marketing but that hasn’t driven flyer distribution off the road.

Many experts suggest that flyer advertising is still very effective and that flyer advertising to home owners is still among the best strategies for advertising online.
With proper plan, design and strategy flyer distribution will get you the biggest return of invesment.

Flyer printing stipulates a great opportunity to advertise within restricted budged and at the very same time generates real results.
The real key thing here is to pickthe venue for distribution for your flyers and establish places when ever your target may be usually found.
Your flyer must be designed in such way that it provides reasons and helps you generate desire to buy your product or order service.

1. Low expense of advertising
Unlike other forms of advertising, you don’t need to have a huge budgets
for flyer distribution.

2. Speedy lead generation
How much time does it really take to distribute flyers? And if you are
doing it at the right time and at the right place, flyer distribution is
probably the best way to generate leads.

3. Immediate reply and reaching across to the correct target audience
With flyer advertising, you won’t need to sit and wait patiently for a long time to get a response. Reply is almost instant. Also, searching for and reaching you target audience is simpler than any other medium. All you
need to do is set up your flyer distribution at a place near your target audience.

4. It’s creative
There are very few limitations, if any, when it comes to flyer advertising. You have all the creative freedom to try out whatever you want.

5. Old-school is awesome
You just cannot deny this, can you? One of the major reasons why flyer advertising still appeals to customers is because it reminds them of the good old days. Also, with flyers, there is a strange kind of curiosity. Unlike emails, people are not in a hurry to trash it, which automatically ups the chances of your flyer getting read.

Advertising using flyers is an affordable manner of delivering your goods or services to your own potential clients. When it comes to flyer distribution, selecting the right service is of utmost importance since it actually plays a vital function in promoting your company. Flyer distribution campaigns are an attractive way to gain more potential clients. A terrific flyer design is the best way to showcase your business to customers.


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10 Reasons to Promote Your Business

10 Reasons to Promote Your Business

Advertising can be one of the most important aspects of your business. In most cases, this allows you to do a few more together to reach new customers to increase sales or even make your business more visible.

But there are times when businesses don’t know if it’s worth investing in advertising or making a very small advertising budget but investing in advertising is always important whether you have gold hands or are a professional and here are 10 reasons why advertising is your best friend

10. Advertising builds brand loyalty.

Advertising gives a company or business the opportunity to attract more customers and build long-term relationships.

This gives the customer a sense of understanding and trust, ensuring that customers remain loyal.

The text and images used in the ads usually draw your desired audience, thus gaining a loyal customer for your business.

9. Advertising increases business traffic.

Many users are most likely to visit companies on the site after reviewing the ad.

More consumers means more sales and more sales means more business for you.

8. Advertising gives your business a positive image.

Advertising gives your company a positive image – it informs consumers and competitors that you are open and ready for business. Dynamic and positive advertising can attract consumers to your business, regardless of the economy and competition.

7. Advertising attracts more customers.

Advertising attracts new customers – the market is constantly changing and new users are moving to and from your area. New users mean the new target audience your ads will reach. Advertising shows consumers who are new to the market that your business is the most popular and the one they want to visit.

6. Advertising encourages repeat business.

Advertising encourages repeat business – with all the choices available to consumers, loyal customers have left the previous business many times in search of other options. Advertising reminds consumers why they choose your business first and why they should continue to choose you in the future.

5. Advertising helps your business compete.

Advertising helps your business compete. There are only so many consumers in the market who want to buy your product at any time. Advertising helps companies keep up the game and compete with other companies. Advertising is how you convince a user that you are the one they should choose.

4. Advertising creates a continuous business.

Advertising creates continuous business – not every consumer will need your business product today, but there will always be a new consumer ready to buy every day. Advertising makes sure the consumer knows that when the need arises, your business will help them. A constant number of users visiting your business is the first step to increasing your sales. The more users you have, the more business you will have. Advertising creates business now and in the future.

3. Advertising is the most important mind of a customer.

Because of advertising, your business is the most important mind of the customer – with so many options for consumers, they will often want to shop around and compare different products. Advertising ensures that your business is always in front of the consumer, and reminds the consumer why they should choose you.

2. The ad is constantly updating your user.

Advertising constantly updates your user – when a new product or event can be shown, advertising allows the user to be informed and know the details. Advertising benefits your user, not forces your user to hunt for information.

1. Advertising brings you profits.

Advertising makes money for your business – what it is; Advertising works. Advertising attracts customers to your business and increases your sales. When consumers see strong and positive advertising, they want to buy and are ready to choose your business. Invest in advertising for your business and watch it grow and run successfully.

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